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Several abbreviations are used in our item descriptions, here's a run down of what they denote:

7" - 7 inch vinyl record single (small record)
12" - 12 inch vinyl record maxi single
AUS - Australian pressing
AUT - Austrian pressing
BE - Belgian pressing
BR - Brazillian pressing
B/W - B side track on a record single
CAN - Canadian pressing
DE - German pressing
DJ ISSUE - A promotional issue of a record or CD which was only sold to DJ's/radio stations and wasn't available to buy in stores
DK - Danish pressing
FEAT - Featuring
FR - French pressing
G/FOLD - Gatefold sleeve
HUN - Hungarian pressing
INC - Including
IRE - Irish pressing
IT - Italian pressing
LP - Vinyl record album
MARKS/SURFACE MARKS - Light scratches or scuffing on the surface of a record or CD, generally not affecting play
MEX - Mexican pressing
NL - Dutch pressing
NOR - Norwegian pressing
PS - Picture Sleeve
PT - Portuguese pressing
SHP - Shaped picture disc
SWE - Swedish pressing
TRACK - Individual song or piece of music on a record or CD
UK - British pressing
USA - United States pressing
W/L - White Label
YUG - Yugoslavian pressing